Communications Services Qld has skilled and dedicated staff passionate about the design and efficiency of Data Centres.

C.S.Q. have in house Visio capabilities with the ability to produce high quality schematic, rack elevations and floor layouts.

C.S.Q. have the ability to have the design RCDD approved and certified.

Our installation designers have a wealth of industry experience:

  • Copper twisted pair
  • Optical fibre installations
  • Local area networks LAN
  • Wide area networks WAN
  • Computer room design
  • PABX and key based telephone systems
  • Security systems
  • CCTV and MATV

Our designs will include the following.

  • Floor plan
  • Rack layout
  • Pathways layout
  • Power requirements
  • Structured cabling design
  • Rack elevations
  • Bill of materials (following an approved design by all parties)
  • Associated word documents for design requirements (risk management plan, roles and responsibilities, installation time frames, resource allocation, testing and inspection plan, site specific safety plan, on completion of hand over all relevant documentation becomes the property of you as the client.